Notice: The establishment of Tokyo Information Design Professional University has been approved by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

To whom it may concern:   Let me express my heartfelt appreciation for your ongoing kindness.   Jikei Gakuen School Corporation has completed preparations for the establishment of Tokyo Information Design Professional University. This university will train creative information design engineers, in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, starting in the spring of 2023. We have now received formal approval from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to establish the school, the particulars of which are set forth below.   We are deeply grateful for the enormous cooperation we have received from local Edogawa Ward Mayor Takeshi Saito as well … Continue reading

The Jikei Group of Colleges COVID-19 Task Force: An Important Message From Chairperson Ukifune Regarding the Spread of COVID-19

To our faculty members, students, and staff members,   As winter approaches, the spread of COVID-19 has increased rapidly in Tokyo, Osaka, and elsewhere across the country, with the number of new cases in Hokkaido reaching 200 on November 9. Shigeru Omi, chairman of the government advisory panel on COVID-19, made urgent recommendations on November 11 calling for strengthening measures aimed at difficult-to-identify clusters, specifically the foreign community and students engaged in extracurricular activities. As a result of this analysis, the clusters have been broken down further into several categories based on those characteristics, and an alert has been issued … Continue reading

All Students and Faculty Members Returning to Japan Asked to Self-Isolate

As of March 30, the number of people infected with COVID-19 worldwide has risen to 693,282 while the number of deaths has reached 33,106. In Japan, the number of cases has grown to 1,894 with 56 deaths. After receiving a notice from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology dated March 26 of this year, the Jikei Group of Colleges requested in a post dated March 3, 2020 that all persons returning or reentering Japan from a country experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19, including regions subject to enhanced quarantine or regions subject to entry restrictions in accordance with … Continue reading

Start of Classes for New Semester Pushed Back Due to Novel Coronavirus

On March 25, Forty-one new cases of COVID-19 were discovered in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and Governor Yuriko Koike has asked residents to refrain from leaving their homes. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reported that COVID-19 was very likely pervasive in Japan and expressed concern that there could be an explosive increase in cases. Tension has subsequently risen with the government setting up a task force in the afternoon of March 26 and moving forward with preparations for declaring a state of emergency.   With regard to events from April, the Jikei Group of Colleges had already decided … Continue reading

Jikei Group of Colleges Cancels Joint Entrance Ceremonies in Response to Novel Coronavirus

The Jikei Group of Colleges has announced that it will cancel joint entrance ceremonies in each region scheduled for April. The ceremonies will instead be scaled down to the school and departmental level and shortened in length.   We would like to express our deepest apologies to all of you looking forward to the joint entrance ceremony, including our new students, their parents and guardians, as well as our honored guests, and ask for your understanding.   Entrance ceremonies held at the school and departmental level will be conducted as follows:   1. The ceremonies will be conducted with the … Continue reading

Study Abroad Tours Cancelled or Postponed Due to Novel Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) upgraded the global risk of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to “very high” – its top level of risk assessment. We still cannot say for certain whether the spread of the infection in Japan is slowing down at present.   The Jikei Group of Colleges has, therefore, made the following decisions set forth below regarding overseas travel including study abroad tours as well as work for faculty members and company employees to ensure the safety and peace of mind of students and faculty members.   1. Overseas Travel a) Study abroad tours for students scheduled … Continue reading

Graduation Ceremonies and the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

Regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Jikei Group of Colleges established a task force on January 27. The task force is taking numerous steps as it gathers information. We have received no reports of infections among faculty members, students, or personnel working at affiliated group companies at this time. However we cannot say for certain that the spread of the infection in Japan is slowing down at present.   Additionally, Prime Minister Abe (Japanese Government) requested on February 26 that measures such as canceling, postponing, or reducing large-scale events be taken. The Jikei Group of Colleges has determined … Continue reading

Graduation Ceremonies and the Handling of the Novel Coronavirus

A Message To Our Students, Their Parents And Guardians, And Other Concerned Parties:   At present, the Jikei Group of Colleges intends to move forward with the graduation ceremonies for its colleges as planned in March of 2020. The ceremonies will be held with the greatest possible care. Masks will be worn and hand sanitizer dispensers will be put in place at the halls.   The colleges will be left to decide whether or not parents and guardians will be permitted to attend. Thank-you parties have been cancelled.   – People with symptoms such as a fever, coughing, or sneezing … Continue reading

2019 Jikei Group of Colleges International Affairs Meeting

The annual International Affairs Meeting of the Jikei Group of Colleges was held from July 26 to July 27 at the Biwako Club, the Jikei Group’s corporate retreat overlooking Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. The meeting was attended by approximately seventy participants from Japan and from overseas, including representatives from group schools and support companies; managers and staff members from the overseas offices in China, Korea, Australia, Europe, and the United States; along with the group’s executive managing directors and special guests from Japan IR&C Corp. and Meitetsu International Travel.   Opening Address from Chairperson Ukifune   Jikei Group of … Continue reading

Konica Minolta Partners with Tokyo College of Welfare to Create Advanced Practical Training Facilities

Konica Minolta and Tokyo College of Welfare teamed up to establish the Konica ICT Caregiving Robot Practical Training Room at the college in April of this year. Tokyo College of Welfare (TCW) is a certified care worker training school located in Tokyo, Edogawa Ward.   Konica Minolta develops services to watch over elderly people using ICT and IoT-based technologies while TCW trains the next generation of certified care workers who will be ready to work with ICT caregiving technologies. The two organizations entered into a cooperative education with industry partnership agreement and installed the Care Support Solution system developed by … Continue reading