Message from Our Chairman

Contributing to society through practical professional education

Kunihiko Ukifune, Ph.D.

At the Jikei Group of Colleges, we firmly believe that professional training colleges are institutions of practical education. In other words, they are educational institutions where students can master the skills and techniques most needed in society. Based on this strong belief, we at the Jikei Group of Colleges have devoted ourselves to professional education since we first opened our doors.

Professional training colleges are distinct from most academic and research universities. Using the latest industry knowledge and techniques together with industry-standard facilities and equipment, we cultivate professionals ready to meet the needs of society and industry. Our faculty are specialists from a variety of disciplines and professionals active on the actual front lines of industry. We strive to acquire the next generation of skills and technology while working together with industry to provide professional education through programs such as corporate internships.

Graduates of our professional training colleges find employment in the fields of their choosing and are welcomed by society as highly sought-after professionals. Seeing the achievements of former students is an inspiration to all faculty and staff at each of our colleges. Our identity as professional training colleges distinct from universities is the driving force behind our group’s growth and development.

We have established the Jikei Education Science Center (JESC) to improve the management and education skills of our faculty and staff. JESC conducts activities such as training seminars and academic conferences.

The Jikei Group of Colleges is not exclusively focused on traditional education; instead, we strive to be venture-orientated professional training colleges placing importance on the markets of industry.

As a lifelong learning center, we will continue to contribute the educational assets we have developed to lifelong education. At the same time, we also believe in the importance of moving toward higher level ‘professional training college graduate schools.’ For this reason, we have opened the Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute.