Jikei Education Science Center

Continuously Building School Management Know-how and Improving Unique Educational Skills

Jikei Education Science Center was established in April of 1994 with the goal of developing a new kind of professional education system, one which will meet the needs of future generations of students and continuously build on the quality of our faculty and staff.

Masaomi Kondo, Ph.D.
President, Jikei Education Science Center
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University

From the President :
The mission of professional training college education is the cultivation of highly sought-after professionals ready to respond to changes and advancements in the very fabric of society and industry. This mission also includes helping students become better members of society and putting into practice a system of lifelong education which will help contribute to meaningful education for all citizens.

Each of the professionals we educate develops creativity and self-confidence as well as a sense of humanity and an international outlook. Together they form an intellectual body working together to realize their potential and construct a rich, intellectual society. To this end, professional training colleges need to advance and transform themselves in a way which best suits the times.

The Jikei Group of Colleges recognizes the necessity of improving the quality of faculty and instructors. All of the faculty and staff at the Jikei Group are devoted to continuing their education through professional training and academic conferences sponsored mainly by JESC. We are working very hard to develop our unique professional training college education in line with the needs of industry while accumulating professional training college education know-how.

Our Work

Constructing Education Systems and Building Education Know-How

  • Gathering, Administrating, and Managing Education-related Information
  • Development and Instruction for Teaching Methods and Techniques
  • Considering Curriculums at Jikei Group Professional Training Colleges (Instructor Administration)
  • Development and Instruction for Lifelong Education Programs
  • Developing and Publishing Teaching Materials
  • International Education System Development
  • Publishing the JESC Newsletter
  • Developing Multimedia Education Systems
  • Compilations for Events, Graduation, and other Productions
  • Inter-School Curriculum Compatibility and Adaptation
  • Organizing the Jikei Education and Science Academic Conference

Professional Training Activities

Aiming for Qualitative Progress for New Faculty and Instructors

  • New Employee Training
  • Instructor Training Seminar
  • Follow-up Training
  • Career Center Training
  • Faculty Counseling Training
  • Management Training
  • Next Generation Training
  • “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” Training
  • OJT Instructor Training
  • Teaching Department Specialist Training
  • Teaching Department Management Training

Committee Activities

  • Counseling Committee
  • Career Education Committee
  • Teaching Materials Research Committee

Education Subcommittee

Transcending Individual School Boundaries, Coordinating with Each Specialist Field of Study, and Aiming for Even Better Education

  • Bio Science Education Subcommittee
  • Health Care Education Subcommittee
  • Social Welfare Education Subcommittee
  • Sports Science Education Subcommittee
  • Biosphere Education Subcommittee
  • Beauty Care Education Subcommittee
  • Communication Education Subcommittee
  • Performing Arts Education Subcommittee
  • Food Culture Education Subcommittee
  • Lifelong Education Subcommittee

National Examination Preparation Center

JESC develops educational methodologies, provides national examination-related information, and helps students develop test preparation skills to assist each department in fields such as medical care, social welfare, and health care in the Jikei Group achieve a 100% success rate on national examinations.