Graduation Ceremonies and the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

Regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Jikei Group of Colleges established a task force on January 27. The task force is taking numerous steps as it gathers information. We have received no reports of infections among faculty members, students, or personnel working at affiliated group companies at this time. However we cannot say for certain that the spread of the infection in Japan is slowing down at present.


Additionally, Prime Minister Abe (Japanese Government) requested on February 26 that measures such as canceling, postponing, or reducing large-scale events be taken. The Jikei Group of Colleges has determined that this applies to its joint graduation ceremonies scheduled for March and has made the following changes set forth below.


1. Graduation Ceremonies

a) The Jikei Group of Colleges regional joint graduation ceremonies scheduled for March will be reduced to the school and department level and will be held for less than one hour.

b) The ceremonies will only be attended by the graduating students and faculty members. Parents, guardians, and other visitors are asked not to attend.

c) Hand sanitiser dispensers will be put in place at the graduation halls, and all the attendees are asked to wear a face mask without exception.


2. Information regarding the novel coronavirus may change in the future as a result of the policies of the Japanese government or daily updates. The measures taken by the Jikei Group may also change accordingly.