The Jikei Group

The Jikei Group<br />

The Jikei Group of Colleges is a system of professional training colleges and support companies located throughout Japan. Each and every school, company, and organization within the Jikei Group is dedicated to providing professional education based on the strong belief that professional training colleges are educational institutions for mastering the practical skills and knowledge that will most benefit society. To that end, we offer professional education in 10 fields and 600 careers spanning a diverse array of fields, including health care, creative arts, performing arts, ecology, biotechnology and many others and currently provide career-oriented professional education to approximately 32,000 students.

1 Upper Secondary Specialized Training School

  • 1 Institute
    Training programs for faculty and staff. Textbook, teaching materials editing.
  • 3 Health Care<br />
    Medical services for students, faculty, and staff.
  • 2 Social Welfare Corporations
    Special elderly nursing home management.
  • 1 Association
    Various medical fitness and education programs.

21 Associated Companies

  • Computer Services
  • Financial and Administrative Services
  • Foreign Language Education
  • Building Maintenance Services
  • Dormitory Management
  • Japanese Language Education
  • Publishing
  • Overseas Travel Services
  • Science Education
  • Internet Privacy and Authentication Services

4 Non-profit Organizations

  • English Testing of English for Specific Purposes(Medical Services, Social Welfare, Legal Affairs and others)
  • Academic Conference on Biotechnology Education
  • Science Education for Children

5 Overseas<br />

  • Jikei Korean Center (Seoul)
  • Jikei Chinese Center (Shanghai)
  • Jikei European Center (Paris)
  • Jikei American Center (Florida)
  • Jikei Australian Center (Brisbane)

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