Graduation Ceremonies and the Handling of the Novel Coronavirus

A Message To Our Students, Their Parents And Guardians, And Other Concerned Parties:


At present, the Jikei Group of Colleges intends to move forward with the graduation ceremonies for its colleges as planned in March of 2020. The ceremonies will be held with the greatest possible care. Masks will be worn and hand sanitizer dispensers will be put in place at the halls.


The colleges will be left to decide whether or not parents and guardians will be permitted to attend. Thank-you parties have been cancelled.


  • - People with symptoms such as a fever, coughing, or sneezing are asked to refrain from attending the ceremony. Moreover, people attending the ceremony are asked to wear a mask without fail.
  • - Parents and guardians of students from Hubei and Zhejiang provinces in China are not permitted to enter Japan by order of the government.
  • -Parents and guardians of international students from other countries may be placed under observation for a period of two weeks after arriving in Japan. We ask that they please avoid attending the ceremonies as much as possible.
  • -The situation may change greatly in the future. Please read the home pages for the Jikei Group of Colleges and the individual colleges as well as any email messages from our group closely.  


The Jikei Group of Colleges Novel Corona Virus Task Force