Fukuoka ECO Animal and Ocean College Holds Animal School for Kids

Fukuoka ECO Animal and Ocean College held its Animal School for Kids on August 5, where children can interact with animals. Animal School for Kids is an event where nursery school, kindergarten, and elementary school students living in the surrounding neighborhood can have fun and learn about the wonder of living things and the preciousness of life while interacting with animals.   The event originally started as an idea to help children better understand the attraction of animals and to like them more by creating more opportunities where children and animals can interact. The students at Fukuoka ECO thought about … Continue reading

Osaka College of High Technology Holds Experiment Skills Competition for High School Students

Osaka College of High Technology created the first Experiment Skills Competition to help improve the research topics and content in high school clubs such as biology and other science-related clubs. The interim reporting session was held at Osaka College of High Technology on August 7. About fifty students and educational advisors from nine public and private high schools in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo Prefectures participated in the event, giving presentations on the progress of their research and engaging in a lively exchange of ideas with other students.   The Osaka College of High Technology took up the initiative this past … Continue reading

Jikei Group Reopens Ryugu no Tsukai Spa & Resort

The Jikei Group of Colleges’ Jikei Space Inc. completed remodeling work for Ryugu no Tsukai Spa & Resort, an Asian resort-style hotel in the Town of Higashi Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture and reopened the facility to the public on August 3. Jikei Group Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune, together with Higashi Izu Mayor Chohachi Ota and other guests from the community, took part in the completion ceremony held on July 25.   Ryugu no Tsukai Spa & Resort is a new type of hotel that hasn’t been seen before in an area such as the Inatori Onsen region, which is already saturated … Continue reading

The Jikei Group of Colleges International Affairs Meeting at Lake Biwa

The Jikei Group of Colleges held its annual International Affairs Meeting on July 27 at the group’s corporate retreat nestled on the scenic shores of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. The meeting was hosted by the International Center for the Jikei Group and welcomed eighty people from Japan and abroad, including representatives from group schools and support companies; managers and staff members from the overseas offices in China, Korea, Australia, Europe, and the United States; along with special guests from Meitetsu World Travel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The meeting was chaired by Hideo Watanabe, Executive Director … Continue reading

Jikei Partnership with Keimyung College University Reaches Ten Years – Jikei Group Conducts Tenth Faculty Training Program

The Jikei Group of Colleges welcomed instructors from Keimyung College University to the campus of Osaka College of Health and Welfare for a faculty training program on July 4. This year’s training program marks the tenth such training program since the Jikei Group concluded a partnership agreement with Keimyung College University in Korea in 2008. The program was arranged and organized by International Center, Headquarters.   The group from Keimyung College University consisted of Professor Tae Woon Yoon from the Health Faculty, who acted as group leader, Professor Junho Ha from the Lifestyle Education Faculty, along with nine professors, associate … Continue reading

The Jikei Group has confirmed the safety of all its students and faculty members following the Osaka Hokubu Earthquake. The group has not received any reports of injuries.

Jikei Group of Colleges Headquarters   To all Students and Faculty Members:   A shindo 6 earthquake occurred in northern Osaka today at 7:58 a.m. The Jikei Group set up a disaster task force headquarters in the group’s headquarters in Osaka at 08:00 a.m. and confirmed the safety of students and faculty members in schools located in the Kinki area. As of 12:00 p.m. on June 18, no injuries for students or faculty members have been reported. Confirmation of the safety of students and faculty members was concluded at 3:00 p.m. that same day.  

Jikei Group Holds Signing Ceremony with Berklee College of Music Extending Ukifune Scholarship to 2022

Berklee College of Music and the Jikei Group of Colleges renewed their agreement for the jointly created Ukifune Scholarship at a signing ceremony at the Osaka Jo Hall Convention Hall on April 19, extending the scholarship until 2022. Berklee College of Music is a prestigious school of American modern music such as jazz and rock located in Boston, Massachusetts. In attendance at the ceremony were Jikei Group of Colleges chairperson, Kunihiko Ukifune, and Berklee College of Music associate vice president of Global Initiatives, Matthew Nicholl. This year’s recipient of the Ukifune Scholarship is Ms. Hidemi Akaiwa, who just graduated from … Continue reading

Osaka Broadcasting Arts College Graduate Wins Honorary Mention at Dengeki Shosetsu Grand Prize Awards

Takeshi Murase, broadcast and comedy writer as well as Osaka Broadcasting Arts College graduate and special lecturer, received an honorable mention from the selection committee for his work “Hanashika Monogatari~Asakusa wa Kyo mo Nigiyaka Desu~” at the Dengeki Shosetsu Grand Prize Awards Ceremony held on October 1 of last year. Mr. Murase’s work was selected from 5,088 other entries. “Hanashika Monogatari~Asakusa wa Kyo mo Nigiyaka Desu~” was published by Media Works Bunko and went on sale on March 23 of this year.   The novel depicts a young man who wholeheartedly pursues his dream of becoming a traditional Japanese comic … Continue reading

Yonago East Rotary Club invites Jikei Students to Perform the Musical Koshien Dake ga Koukou Yakyuu Dewa Nai

Osaka Broadcasting Arts College and Osaka Animation School held their annual performance of the musical “Koshien Dake ga Koukou Yakyuu Dewa Nai” (High School Baseball isn’t just about the National High School Baseball Championship Koshien Stadium) at the Yonago Convention Centre in Yonago City in Tottori Prefecture on March 24. The schools were invited to stage the musical as the main event for the Future Self-Assistance Project celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Yonago East Rotary Club and the venue was packed with enthusiastic audience members.   The purpose of this project was to help the children who will be … Continue reading

Students from Tokyo Design Technology Center Create Opening Animation for Torinoko City

The song “Torinoko City,” written by the music artist 40mP and sung by the virtual artist Hatsune Miku, has gained substantial popularity and become something of a hot topic with film director Hiroki Yamaguchi attempting to turn the lonely world of a little girl expressed in the song into a live-action film bearing the same title. Students from Tokyo Design Technology Center were asked to work on the animated opening sequence for the film as a project by the film’s producer and distributor. Tokyo Design Technology Center is a Jikei Group of Colleges member school located in Shinjuku Ward in … Continue reading