Music / Dance / Acting

The entertainment industry is growing and transforming along with the Internet, digital broadcasting, and new media platforms such as cellular phones. Todayユs artists and industry professionals not only need talent, but also a knack for organizing and the latest industry skills and knowledge. Get the education you need to begin an exciting career in the entertainment industry.

Careers in Music, Dance, and Acting

  • Musician
    From live performances to song writing, a musician’s role in the music industry is broad and varied. Even so, being a musician still comes down to just two things: expressing yourself and reaching out to people through music.
  • Dancer
    Dancers perform in many different situations such as artist concerts, club events, promotional videos, commercials, or even movies. Dance encompasses many genres and dancers must practice rigorously every day to stay in top condition.
  • PA Engineer
    PA engineers work in the heart of sound. They are solely responsible for sound production in places such as event halls, concert halls, live venues, and theaters. PA engineers need a keen sense of hearing and must be able to think and act quickly.
  • Music Video Director
    Music video directors create works for television programs, commercials, artist and entertainer promotion videos, and corporate promotion videos, just to name a few. Music video directors need to have their fingers on the pulse of society and be ready for the next big trend.
  • Voice Actor
    Voice actors perform voices for anime characters and dubbing for foreign films. In recent years, their work has expanded to include video games as well.
  • Artist Manager
    In the music world, the people closest to artists are their managers. Artist managers work in the offices that manage artist schedules and act as a nerve center for all promotional activity.