Over 200 Employers Participate in 2013 Osaka Jikei Career Fair

The 2013 Osaka Jikei Career Fair. The fair celebrated its 9th year, welcoming a record number of over 200 employers including hospitals, social welfare facilities,and research organizations and approximately 3500 student participants.Employers use projectors, iPads, and other devices to make their presentations stand out.   The 2013 Osaka Jikei Career Fair for students seeking careers in the health care and social welfare industries at hospitals, social welfare facilities, and related organizations was held at Osaka-Jo Hall in Chuo ward on Monday, May 13.   The event (sponsored by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, the Asahi Shimbun, the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, and … Continue reading

Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute Graduates Charter Class

  Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute was established 2 years ago as the first graduate school in Japan to pursue quality and safety in health care. The charter class of 20 students was the first to be awarded a Master’s Degree in Health Care Safety Administration in Japan at the school’s commencement ceremony on March 24, 2013.   The charter class included students in their 20s up to students in their 50s, with an average age of 42.5 years old. Students worked during the day as doctors, nurses, public health nurses, midwives, therapists, cli physical nical laboratory … Continue reading

Keimyung University Awards Chairperson Ukifune Honorary Doctorate

  Keimyung University awarded Jikei Group of Colleges Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune an Honorary Doctorate in Education in a grand ceremony held on its campus in Daegu, South Korea on January 21, 2013. The honorary doctorate was granted in recognition of Chairperson Ukifune’s outstanding contributions to postsecondary professional education exchange between Japan and South Korea over many years.   The ceremony was held at Adams Chapel, the university’s church and oldest building, and was attended by 600 Keimyung University faculty members and students as well as business and community leaders. A delegation of 22 representatives from the Jikei Group also attended … Continue reading

Jikei Shanghai Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary with 1st Annual Japanese Recitation-Voice Over Contest

Fudan University Student Xu Jihai smiles after winning the Grand Prize in the Recitation Category and receiving her award from Jikei Group Chairman Kunihiko Ukifune and Mr.Wang.   As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Jikei Shanghai Center held the 1st Annual Japanese Recitation-Voice Over Contest. The winners were presented with their awards at the official 10th Anniversary Ceremony which took place at the Pullman Shanghai Skyway Hotel on December 23.   Jikei Shanghai Center was established as a subsidiary of Jikei Inc. in 2002 and began as Han Yuan Mandarin School, teaching Chinese to staff from Japanese companies posted … Continue reading

Jikei Science Club 20th Anniversary: Looking for the Next Nobel Laureates

Jikei Science Club 20th Anniversary Ceremony. Kunihiko Ukifune, Jikei Group Chairperson, participates in science experiment on stage.   The Jikei Science Club, a science laboratory for children, celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Sun Plaza in Tokyo Ueno Plaza on November 21. The celebrations included a formal ceremony and a get-together afterward.   The Jikei Science Club had its start 20 years ago in 1992, in a laboratory in the then Life Engineering Department of the Nihon College of Health Care Services in Koenji, in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward. The club began with 80 students and has since welcomed over 10,000 … Continue reading

Jikei Group Welcomes Delegation from Hanyang Cyber University at Educational Exchange Symposium, Renews Educational Partnership

Educational Exchange Symposium welcoming Hanyang Cyber University delegation led by Dr. Yeonwook Im (At Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute, in Shin Osaka)   An international cooperation delegation from Hanyang Cyber University in Seoul, South Korea led by Dr. Yeonwook Im was in Japan from November 26-28 to participate in an international exchange forum with Jikei Group of Colleges faculty. The delegation also toured schools and strengthened educational exchange between the two organizations.   Now in its 10th year, the 4-year university’s eLearning department offers programs in computer engineering, humanities, education, and sociology-related fields, economics, and design-related fields. … Continue reading

Jikei Group of Colleges Chairperson Ukifune to receive Honorary Doctorate from Keimyung University in January

Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea   Keimyung University, a private university in South Korea, announced in a personal letter from the school president, received on October 31, that the university would award Kunihiko Ukifune, Chairperson of the Jikei Group of Colleges, an honorary doctorate. Keimyung University is highly regarded for its long-time contributions to educational exchange between Korean and Japanese institutions of higher education including its affiliated vocational colleges.   Dr. Ukifune has humbly accepted this honor from Keimyung University and will take part in the award ceremony in Daegu, South Korea to be held at the university’s auditorium … Continue reading