Student Service Center

We help students living far from home enjoy their studies at our colleges in a safe and secure environment.

If you have any problems or concerns at any point during your studies, we can help. Some students experience problems such as not making progress in classes, having difficulty finding a job, or not getting along with friends like they have in the past. At times such as these, the Student Service Center offers counseling and support to help students resolve their difficulties. Center counselors strictly maintain student confidentiality. We are always available to speak with students about whatever is troubling them.

The People Providing Support

Students can speak with our counselors about anything, even things they would have difficulty talking to their friends or home room teacher about. Future career worries, relationship problems, money issues—

whatever the problem, our counselors are here to listen. All counseling sessions are private. We never share information regarding student counseling sessions with outside parties.

We provide support!

【 Counselor 】
Tsuyoshi Suzumori, Counselor

We are counselors specializing in mental health and professionals at resolving problems and issues. We have worked together with over 1000 students. Our counselors think through problems together with the student and come up with the best solution for each person. Whatever the problem, we are here to help.

Lesson Concerns
School Principal ∙ Vice Principal / Teaching Department Head / Educational Advisor / Home Room Teacher
Employment Concerns
Career Center Staff / Educational Advisor
Tuition Concerns
Office Accounting Staff
Health Concerns
Partner Clinics and Hospitals
Other concerns or issues
Student Services Center / Partner Clinics and Hospitals
  1. 1.Various Concerns

    • Can’t get into things
    • Can’t keep up with classes
    • Worried about finding a job
    • Have difficulty getting up in the morning
  2. 2.SSC Counseling

    1. 1)Apply for counseling at SSC
    2. 2)24-Hour Email
    3. 3)24-Hour Voice Mail
    4. 4)Dedicated Direct Phone Line
    5. 5)Communication Box
  3. 3.Finding a solution

    ★Counselors provide counseling in accordance with the nature of the student’s problem.

    The home room teachers who support students (not the instructors who teach classes) are also available. Depending on the nature of the problem, we can enlist the aid of people such as school principals or doctors from partner clinics. We are all here to watch out for students from when they first enter the school to when they graduate.