Complete Facilities

All of our schools across Japan have the latest industry standard equipment and facilities.

Facilities where you can acquire practical abilities. We provide thorough skill-building support with the latest equipment.

At the Jikei Group of Colleges, we have created an environment where students can freely use the latest equipment. For students to become professionals ready to work in industry, studying in the same environment used by professionals with professional-level equipment is important. Student can fully immerse themselves in study without worrying about the time with facilities and classrooms open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Professional-level equipment
  • PCs available for use outside of classes
  • Computer room available for national exam preparation or self-study
  • Off-campus studios (Used for auditions or filming)
  • Practical training facilities open 365 days a year
  • Sign out system (expensive equipment temporarily loaned to students)
  • Event Hall
  • Shampooing Training Room
  • Recording Studio
  • Dental Room
  • Esthetic Room
  • Television Studio
  • Sketching Room
  • Dance Studio