Keiseikai Clinic

Decide your career in good health. Keiseikai Clinic provides support all the way up to graduation.

When you are not feeling well, don't push yourself. Come to our clinic right away.

Keiseikai Clinic (Tokyo,Osaka,Fukuoka)

Keiseikai clinic (Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo) provides health services for the students of the Jikei Group of Colleges. If you bring your health insurance card, there is no out-of-pocket payment for the medical consultation. Don’t push yourself. Come to the clinic right away. Student Service Center (SSC) in Nagoya and Sendai accept requests for medical consultations and refers students to partner hospitals.

Internal Medicine and Psychosomatic Medicine Department

Feel free to come in for a consultation for whatever is bothering you, such as a cold, diarrhea, constipation, or stomach problems.

Feel free to come in for a consultation even for psychological stress.


Not being used to living alone or a change in eating habits can often cause dental troubles. Healthy teeth begin with delicious, healthy meals.

Benefits of Keiseikai Clinic


There are no out-of-pocket expenses through insurance coverage.

Keiseikai Clinic is a Jikei Group of Colleges affiliated clinic. Keiseikai Clinic has a student discount system which means there are no out-of-pocket expenses through insurance coverage. Students can use the clinic freely.


We also conduct annual medical examinations

It’s important for early detection and early treatment to have regular medical examinations. We conduct medical examinations for students once a year.