Osaka Jikei Gakuen to Build New College in Okayama Prefecture

Jikei Group Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune and Mayor Seiji Hagiwara speak at the ground breaking ceremony for a new school in the city of Mimasaka.

Osaka Jikei Gakuen School Corporation broke ground for a new school in the city of Mimasaka–provisionally named Mimasaka College of Sports, Medicine, and Nursing–at a ceremony held on December 13. Osaka Jikei Gakuen was invited by the city of Mimasaka, located in Okayama Prefecture, to build a school there as part of its efforts to revitalize local communities. The ceremony was attended by officials from Mimasaka City and the Jikei Group, including Mayor Seiji Hagiwara and Jikei Group Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune. The school is scheduled to open in March of 2018.