Jikei Group Welcomes Delegation from Hanyang Cyber University at Educational Exchange Symposium, Renews Educational Partnership

Educational Exchange Symposium welcoming Hanyang Cyber University delegation led by Dr. Yeonwook Im (At Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute, in Shin Osaka)


An international cooperation delegation from Hanyang Cyber University in Seoul, South Korea led by Dr. Yeonwook Im was in Japan from November 26-28 to participate in an international exchange forum with Jikei Group of Colleges faculty. The delegation also toured schools and strengthened educational exchange between the two organizations.


Now in its 10th year, the 4-year university’s eLearning department offers programs in computer engineering, humanities, education, and sociology-related fields, economics, and design-related fields. The university also has a graduate school offering 5 MBA programs. Approximately 1 million students currently study over the Internet.

Hanyang Cyber University signed a partnership agreement with the Jikei Group of Colleges in the fall of last year, which has opened an eLearning system called “J-Web” to students.


Mr. Hyung Joo Jeon from the Hanyang Cyber University International Cooperation team introduced 4 types of Internet learning developed at his institution such as on-demand eLearning and streaming eLearning as well as content development and support systems for students. The Jikei Group presented the J-Web national examination preparation eLearning system used by 6,000 students which contributes to national examination success rate of approximately 90%.The group also presented school advertising for smart phones and well as the Narikata site, which introduces specialized careers in various fields. Hanyang Cyber University displayed considerable interest in adopting Narikata-style websites for each of its schools’ departments as a public relations strategy.


After the presentations, a signing ceremony was held to renew the partnership agreement between the two organizations. Kunihiko Ukifune, Chairperson of the Jikei Group of Colleges, proposed to Dr. Im that the two organizations continue to share educational resources and develop eLearning projects together with the shared mission of supporting professional education in Asia.


Kuniko Ukifune and Dr. Im sign the renewed partnership agreement