Fukuoka Belle époque College of Beauty Holds First Aid Training

Tokyo Belle époque College of Beauty welcomed two first aid professionals, Mr. Kawano and Mr. Arimura, from its sister school, Fukuoka College of Medical Health, to the school on November 25. The two instructors led a first aid training session, which was attended by all of the faculty members from Tokyo Belle époque College of Beauty.


EMTs at the Jikei Group of Colleges are responsible for the safety and welfare of the many students placed in their care and come face to face with a myriad of dangers each day. One day a student could collapse unconscious in a class. This is the sort of scenario that faculty members may have to contend with one day.


The first aid professionals from Fukuoka College of Medical Health conducted CPR and AED training using first aid and CPR training manikins. Faculty members from Tokyo Belle époque College of Beauty took the training very seriously and asked many questions during the question and answer period. Mr. Kawano and Mr. Arimura answered each question thoroughly and patiently.


Next there was a demonstration of a scenario where a student actually collapses. The participants were timed to see how long it took them to get the AED and how long it would take to turn on the switch after the student collapsed. At the end of the demonstration, Mr. Kawano offered constructive criticism for the participants before concluding the first aid training.


It takes courage to perform CPR or use an AED when someone collapses. However, providing first aid can potentially save a life. Faculty members first need the courage to act in order to protect the lives of students.


It was a valuable training session where the faculty members learned some very important things. The faculty and staff members at Fukuoka Belle époque College of Beauty are grateful to Fukuoka College of Medical Health for their support and cooperation.