Sports Training / Rehabilitation / Sports Instructing

The field of health and sports medicine offers many career opportunities for promoting health through sports as a sports trainer or as an instructor. Whether working with professional sports athletes or amateurs, you will help people live a healthier life both physically and mentally through sports.

Careers in Sports Training, Rehabilitation, Sports Instructing

  • Sports Trainer
    Sports trainers work mostly with professional sports teams. They coordinate closely with team physicians and coaches to prevent injuries and administer emergency treatment. They provide complete support for sports athletes.
  • Sports Instructor
    Sports instructors provide instruction on aerobics, general fitness, swimming, diving, and surfing. They may also be registered at sports clubs and support club members using their vast knowledge of health and fitness.
  • Team Trainer
    The role of a team trainer is to provide total support for professional sports athletes. Team trainers also offer guidance and advice regarding daily training routines, muscle building, and overcoming various challenges. Professional knowledge is essential.
  • Swimming Instructor
    Swimming instructors deliver a number of programs which make use of water. They also provide swimming instruction at sports clubs and swimming clubs.
  • Child Sports Instructor
    Child sports instructors work primarily as sports instructors for children. As building a strong body is important throughout the stages of child development, child sports instructors focus mainly on conditioning exercises and giving advice.
  • Long-Term Health Care Facility Staff
    Long-term health care facility staff deliver nursing care and take care of elderly people bedridden through disease or injury. They also provide functional training and help patients with their daily needs.