Manga / Anime / Design

From magazines and advertisements to interiors and decorative accessories, everything familiar to us begins with design. It would be hard to imagine our day-to-day lives without the computer graphics seen in films and commercials or world-renowned Japanese games and animation.

Careers in Manga, Anime and Design

  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic designers express messages visually using pictures, illustrations, and text. They are involved in the production of advertising posters, CD jackets, catalogues, promotional materials, as well as product advertising and promotion.
  • Illustrator
    Illustrators create drawings used in a variety of settings such as books, book and magazine covers, advertisements, posters, and pamphlets. Recently, the demand for illustrations in the realm of the web has been increasing as well.
  • Video game character designer
    Video game character designers exert a lot of control over a game’s appeal. Based on a game’s plan, they make full use of CG software to design the heroes and villains.
  • Manga Artist
    Manga artists develop compelling stories and characters to provide a captivating, entertaining experience for readers. They meet frequently with editors to create rich works that can move readers from tears to laughter and back again.
  • Animator
    A complete animation is created by setting layouts, making original drawings and motion drawings. Animators use the latest tools to make characters move and breathe life into the animation.
  • CG Artist
    CG artists create images using 3D CG software. Work is carried out and completed in teams with each job shared among team members. Good communication skills and a keen visual sense are highly sought after.