Hospitality / Tourism / Language

The hospitality, tourism, and language industries offer numerous pathways to exciting and rewarding careers, such as travel agent, tour guide, or in-house interpreter. In these highly competitive industries, customer service determines whether a company flourishes or fails. Industry professionals need to be highly motivated and have the skills and knowledge to provide truly world-class customer service.

Careers in Hospitality, Tourism and Language

  • Travel Agent
    Travel agents work in the branch offices of travel agencies and sales center counters. They give travel advice, make travel arrangements, and sell package tours according to customer needs.
  • Wedding Planner
    Wedding planners make arrangements for wedding ceremonies and receptions while paying close attention to clients’ wishes and budgets. They also provide assistance to the bride and groom leading up to the wedding.
  • In-house Translator
    In-house translators are responsible for the translation of important company documents and the preparation of all kinds of written correspondence. They are assigned to the company’s international division, giving them the opportunity to be active as talented professionals on a global stage.
  • In-house Interpreter
    In-house interpreters are responsible for interpreting during business meetings with foreign clients, and other duties include hosting clients during their stay in Japan. They are assigned to the company’s international division, giving them the chance to put their skills to use in a career encompassing the activities of the entire company.
  • Tour Guide
    For all tour companies, a talented tour guide with excellent communication skills in a foreign language is the most sought-after professional. This choice of career offers the chance to introduce Japan to visitors from abroad.
  • Teacher of Japanese
    Using a high level of Japanese skills, teachers are responsible for Japanese language instruction to students, and an equally important part of their job involves explaining about Japanese life, culture, and all other aspects that make Japan such an appealing country.