Health Care / Social Welfare / Childcare

The health and public welfare industries offer many career opportunities in essential, well-respected positions. With national certification, you could become a specialist working in traditional medicine, Eastern medicine, emergency medicine, or in the medical business field supporting a broad range of medical services. Plenty of career possibilities are also available in child care nurturing future generations as well as in social welfare supporting a graying population.

Careers in Health Care, Social Welfare, and Child Care

  • Medical Secretary
    Secretaries for doctors use medical know-ledge to help keep the business of a clinic running smoothly. They are responsible for managing the schedule, dealing with visitors, and creating various documents.
  • Nurse / Public Health Nurse
    Nurses and public health nurses assist doctors in hospitals and clinics with examinations and medical procedures. They provide for patients’ basic physical needs and for their sickness and injury-related psychological needs.
  • Occupational Therapist
    Occupational therapists help people with physical or mental disabilities resulting from traffic accidents, disease, occupational injuries, aging, or congenital abnormalities. They provide guidance and training for everyday tasks to help people lead independent and satisfying lives.
  • Orthoptist
    Orthoptists receive instructions from optometrists and perform standard eye examinations which include measuring eyesight, photographing the backs of eyes, testing color vision, checking eye pressure, and checking refraction. They also test for poor eyesight and amblyopia (cross-eyes) in children and provide corrective training.
  • Nursery Teacher
    When parents or guardians need someone to look after their children because of work or other commitments, they turn to Nursery Teachers for assistance.
  • Clinical Engineer
    Clinical engineers specialize in many kinds of medical equipment such as medical ventilators, heart-lung machines, and dialysis machines, which take over respiratory, circulatory, and metabolic functions.