Flora / Fauna / The Environment / The Oceans

Spread the word of nature’s wonder and beauty. The biosphere industry offers rewarding careers based on the simple idea that all life on this earth is precious and worth protecting. The way we share this planet with other living creatures in the natural world is changing, and the biosphere industry needs talented people with sound skills and knowledge as well as superior planning and organizing skills.

Careers in Flora and Fauna; the Environment and Oceans

  • Florist
    People who work in flower shops are generally called florists. People such as floral arrangers or floral coordinators start off as florists.
  • Environmental Conservation Group Staff
    There are many different kinds of environmental conservation groups tackling a number of different problems and issues such as endangered species protection, global warming, nuclear issues, and environmental destruction from toxic materials.
  • Horse Riding Instructor
    Horse riding instructors provide instruction to members of horse riding clubs. In addition to hobby, leisure, and sports riding, they are also expected to become active in therapeutic horse riding as well.
  • Veterinary Nurse
    Veterinary nurses provide nursing care for animals at animal clinics. Their primary responsibilities include assisting veterinarians and asking owners about their pets’ symptoms, although they also perform a wide range of other duties.
  • Pet Groomer
    Pet groomers or pet beauticians provide a number of beauty-related services for pets including trimming, shampooing, nail clipping, and even ear cleaning. They maintain health and basic appearance while bringing out each pet’s natural charm and beauty.
  • Guide Dog Trainer
    Guide dog trainers train the guide dogs which are used by the blind to help them integrate with society. Training is mostly focused on teaching the dogs how to lead their visually impaired masters while walking. The work of a guide dog trainer is one of great responsibility.