Directing / Producing / CG /Acting

Hollywood blockbusters, Asian film popularity, and rising attendance at Japanese films are all remarkable phenomena of a unique industry. Bringing films to the big screen involves not only actors and actresses but also professionals such as screenwriters, set designers, makeup artists, and costume designers. In the film and TV industry, knowledgeable, creative people with fresh ideas and individuality are always in demand.

Careers in Directing, Producting, CG and Acting

  • Filming Director
    Filming directors don’t do the actual filming but instead supervise the direction for the filming. They provide direction on set for a number of important filming-related elements in order to bring to life the director’s vision for the film.
  • Lighting Technician
    Lighting technicians provide lighting on set for people and objects, creating a space as close as possible to the director’s vision of the film. They set up lights according to instructions received from the lighting director.
  • Screenwriter
    The blueprint for a movie is the screenplay. Screenwriters develop screenplays by consulting closely with the director and producer and then making many revisions based on their feedback. Screenwriters should posses a broad range of knowledge and expressive skills.
  • Art Designer
    Set designers create the buildings, backgrounds, decorations, and props for each scene in the screenplay. They bring the world from the screenplay to life following the set design director’s own designs and directions.
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist
    Special effects makeup artists apply makeup to the faces and bodies of actors.
    They create not only monsters but other effects such as aged faces, reverse-aged faces, scars from injuries and surgery, and the round belly of a full-term pregnancy.
  • Movie Trailer Director
    Movie trailer directors first watch the movie and then meet with distribution company representatives. They decide the direction of the film and then begin editing. Movie trailer production is a very important part of attracting moviegoers.