Confectionery / Cooking

The transformation and explosion of culinary tastes in Japan has been dizzying. Both traditional Japanese cuisine and new twists on once common daily fare are making headlines in publications like Michelin Tokyo. The new generation of culinary professional draws inspiration from dining room tables around the world and refreshes the industry with new and exciting tastes. All eyes are on the culinary industry.

Careers in Confectionery and Cooking

  • Italian Chef
    Chefs of Italian cuisine work mostly in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels preparing Italian meals such as pasta and pizza. An Italian chef should have an artistic sense for preparing rich, colorful dishes that are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.
  • Café Owner
    Café owners open and manage their own café. They should be discriminating in many areas including interior decorating, customer service, and creating menus. Cafe owners should also understand the importance of being able to create a pleasant working environment for café staff.
  • Pâtissier
    A pâtissier makes pastries and cakes. They also make lifelike flowers from candies or miniature houses from sweets.
  • Barista
    A barista uses refined techniques to prepare beverages such as espressos, cappuccinos, and coffee. Some baristas work in cafes while others own their own shops.
  • Boulanger
    Boulangers are bakers. They possess a deep knowledge of the raw ingredients used in baked goods and exercise their personal creativity when they make the sundry baked goods found on display in bakeries.
  • Sommelier
    A sommelier is an expert on wines. They work in hotels and at restaurants helping customers select a wine that would best complement their meal. Sommeliers must have a vast knowledge of wines and a rich vocabulary for describing a wine’s character and taste.
  • Bakery Shop Owner
    Bakery shop owners work in their own bakery, making and selling their own bread, while keeping in touch with the people in the neighborhood. In addition to baking skills, bakery shop owners also need basic business skills, such as calculating costs and cash management.
  • Restaurant Producer
    Restaurant producers design and create restaurants that will delight customers. Their work includes all aspects of development and implementation phases, from concept, setting, interior design, to the menu, dishes, and even the number of seats.
  • Japanese Confectionery Chef
    Japanese confectionery chefs create Japanese sweets, known as wagashi in Japanese. Throughout the long history of wagashi, many different kinds of sweets have been produced. Wagashi can be broadly divided into three basic categories: Namagashi (unbaked confectionery), Han-namagashi (baked confectionery), and Higashi (dry confectionery).