It takes something special to become a beauty industry professional. Having the technique to bring form to the desires of clients is one thing. But you also need the communication skills to win over their hearts as well. In the pursuit of beauty, a career in the beauty industry requires ambition and tireless inquisitiveness.

Careers in Beauty

  • Beautician
    In addition to fundamentals knowledge and techniques, superior interpersonal skills are essential for becoming a beautician. People thinking of a career as a beautician not only need to master the essential skills and knowledge, but also need to enjoy being around people and be in tune with their environment.
  • Beauty Advisor
    Beauty advisors show clients how to apply make up, which colors are in fashion, and provide advice regarding skin-related worries and other concerns. They also promote cosmetics and skin care products. Beauty advisors need extensive knowledge and have good customer service skills.
  • Makeup Artist
    Makeup artists do makeup mostly for models and actors in movies, on television, in theater, at fashion shows, or on photo shoots for magazines and posters.
  • Esthetician
    Estheticians are specialists providing complete body beauty care separate from hairstyling. Their work includes facial care, body care, and hair removal. They also provide counseling for clients concerned about a variety of beauty-related problems.
  • Manicurist
    Manicurists deliver a number of services to clients visiting beauty salons, including nail care, massages, nail coloring, and also nail art applied to the tips of nails.
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
    Hair and makeup artists provide styling and makeup services for people such as models, TV personalities, actors, actresses, and musicians. They may also provide other services including manicures, fashion coordination, and dressing.
  • Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist
    Bridal hair and makeup artists provide hair, makeup, and coordination services to brides and their families for wedding ceremonies. This career would especially suit people who enjoy sharing the happiness of others.
  • Aroma Therapist
    Aroma therapists are specialists in fragrances. They select and blend essential oils in accordance with the client’s condition or desires.
  • Beauty Therapist
    Beauty therapists provide relaxation services by first gaining a complete understanding of each client’s background through personal counseling. This career would suit people with a calm and relaxed character who enjoy helping people.