2015 Jikei English Speech Contest

The Preliminary round in the 2015 Jikei English Speech Contest has begun, with this year marking the 6th year of the contest. Fifty-three competitors from 50 schools across the country have signed up, the largest number of participants so far.   The theme for this year’s contest is "Selling Yourself in English." The entrants have been tasked with envisioning an interview overseas for a job related to their field of study. They need to clearly explain why they should be hired from among the many applicants and sell themselves to the interviewer.   The entrants’ speeches will be recorded by … Continue reading

Sports and Youth Bureau Director-General Visits the Jikei Group in Hokkaido

Ryuichiro Shirama—Sports and Youth Bureau Director-General at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology—visited Hokkaido College of High Technology and Hokkaido High-Technology Athletics Club in the afternoon of September 12. Mr. Shirama toured the school and facilities and discussed education for sports professionals at professional training colleges as well as curricula used in sports-related departments. Mr. Shirama also toured High Tech AC‘s indoor stadium and listened to coach Hiroyuki Nakamura, who has trained Chisato Fukushima and other world-class athletes, talk about the stadium’s facilities and the training methodologies at the club.   The visit came as attention is … Continue reading

Duce Mix Kitchen Grand Opening

Duce Mix, a Jikei Group corporation, will open the Duce Mix Kitchen on October 11 in Fukushima Ward in Osaka City. The Duce Mix Kitchen will be a bakery, bistro, and cafe which will take over the renovated building that previously housed the Osaka College of Culinary Arts. Sample breads and pastries from the bakery went on sale ahead of the grand opening in the ground floor foyer of the Jikei Dai 1 building on September 9.   The Duce Mix Kitchen has been reborn with a bakery on the first floor, a bistro and cafe on the second floor, … Continue reading

Japan Society for Dental Technology Education Workshop

Shin Tokyo Dental Technician College hosted the 11th Full-Time Faculty Seminar during the 4-day period from August 18 to 21. The seminar was organized by the Japan Association of Dental Technicians, comprised of member dental technical training schools from across Japan. The seminar was attended by 31 full-time faculty members from dental technician schools stretching across Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Three faculty members from Jikei Group schools also participated in the seminar: Mr. Masayoshi Sasaki from the Shin Osaka Dental Technician College; Mr. Masahiro Sugita from Toyo Medical College; and Ms. Yumi Kimizuka from the Shin Tokyo Dental Technician … Continue reading

13th Jikei Group Challenge Cup Judo Training Tournament in Chiba

The 13th Jikei Group Challenge Cup Judo Training Tournament was held on August 18 and 19 at the Chiba Prefectural Budokan. The annual tournament is open to high schools in Chiba Prefecture and was established for the purpose of creating an opportunity for beginning judo students (white-belt students with no degree) to take part in a tournament and experience judo matches.   The tournament has entered its 13th year and trust in the Jikei Group has grown considerably. The Jikei Group organized the judo training tournament together with the Chiba Prefectural Judo Federation. Additional support was provided by the Chiba … Continue reading

39th All Japan Senior High School Cultural Festival

The 39th All Japan Senior High School Cultural Festival, “Biwako Sobun,” was held in Shiga Prefecture for 5 days from July 28 through August 1. Also known as the inter-high school culture club, the festival was jointly sponsored by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, the All Japan Senior High School Cultural Federation, and the Jikei Group of Colleges and other organizations. The event brought together approximately 20,000 high school students from across Japan representing 22 high school club activities including theater, chorus, wind music, local performing arts, and the Japanese board game “Go.” The students showed off the fruits … Continue reading

Shin-Tokyo Dental Technician College Hosts Oral Design Workshop

Shin-Tokyo Dental Technician College hosted a 3-day workshop on Oral Design for industry professionals from June 5 to 7, in addition to the school’s regular classes.   The name of the workshop was “Willi Geller Workshop: Advanced Posterior Hands-on Course with Creation ZI-CT.”   The instructor is Mr. Willi Geller, the 74-year old dental technician who created the history of ceramic restoration and still remains active around the world. Dental technicians and dentists active on the front lines of the dental restoration industry have been influenced by Mr. Geller to some extent.   Sixty-three dental technicians took time out of … Continue reading

Jikei Group Signs Partnership Agreement with Berklee College of Music

Koyo Conservatory of Music joined the Jikei Group of Colleges in April of this year as a COM Group music school. Located in the city of Kobe, Koyo Conservatory of Music is also an official member of Boston-based Berklee College of Music’s International Network.   The Jikei Group of Colleges has concluded a partnership agreement between Berklee College of Music and Toyo Conservatory of Music.   Seiichiro Kita, Principal of the Osaka School of Music Upper Secondary Specialized Training School and General Producer for COM Group music schools, laid out the specifics of the partnership agreement at the International Affairs … Continue reading

Tokyo Belle epoque College of Beauty Hosts Dual Practical Training Discussion Session

Tokyo Belle epoque College of Beauty Beautician Practical Training Department held a dual practical training discussion session for 1st year students on July 7 of this year.   In the Beautician Practical Training Department, students work toward obtaining a beautician license while acquiring on-the-job experience and earning an income through an educational curriculum with dual practical training at its core.   The goals for the discussion session were threefold: to increase student motivation toward dual practical training; to give students the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of salons; and to help students decide where to participate in practical training. … Continue reading

Graduate School of Health Care Services Publishes Inaugural Newsletter

Graduate School of Health Care Services, Jikei Institute has published the first edition of the Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute Newsletter. The newsletter was created to help people learn more about Jikei Institute, which is the first graduate school in Japan established to conduct research into health care safety and quality. The 4-page color newsletter is printed on A3-size paper and features “the Inaugural Issue” by Jikei Institute Principal Hiroshi Takeda and “Realizing the Dream of Health Care Assurance and Safety” by Jikei Group of Colleges Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune.   On the front page, Principal Takeda once … Continue reading