Fukuoka Belle époque College of Beauty Holds First Aid Training

Tokyo Belle époque College of Beauty welcomed two first aid professionals, Mr. Kawano and Mr. Arimura, from its sister school, Fukuoka College of Medical Health, to the school on November 25. The two instructors led a first aid training session, which was attended by all of the faculty members from Tokyo Belle époque College of Beauty.   EMTs at the Jikei Group of Colleges are responsible for the safety and welfare of the many students placed in their care and come face to face with a myriad of dangers each day. One day a student could collapse unconscious in a … Continue reading

Japan Establishes Caregiving Working Visa

The government of Japan announced a partial amendment to the Immigration Act on November 28 of this year. Previously, international students pursuing studies in caregiving at professional training colleges and other institutions have not been able to work in Japan as caregivers, even if they acquired the national qualification of Certified Caregiver, except within the framework of one of the economic partnership agreements with the Philippines, Indonesia, or Vietnam.   However, this revision to the Immigration Act adds Caregiving as a residence status in Japan and enables citizens of other countries who possess the Japanese Certified Caregiver qualification to work … Continue reading

Final Judging for the 7th Annual Jikei Group of Colleges English Speech Contest

The final judging for the 7th Annual Jikei Group of Colleges Speech Contest took place on November 10 in Osaka. The theme of this year’s contest is “the Japan I Love.” The expert panel of judges selected the five recipients for the Overseas Language Study Program Scholarship from the representatives from the 46 Jikei Schools participating in the contest. The top five competitors who made it through the strict selection process will be awarded a scholarship for a five-week overseas language study program in either Brisbane, Australia or Pensacola, Florida in the United States.   The judges spoke about the … Continue reading

Sapporo Belle époque College of Beauty Student Takes Third Place in the National Junior Natural Sculpting Category at the 2016 Tokyo Nail Expo

The 2016 Tokyo Nail Expo, the world’s top manicure and nail art event, was held on October 30-31 at Tokyo Big Sight. Organized by the Japan Nailist Association, the Tokyo Nail Expo is an all-encompassing event for everything connected with nails. The event attracts more than 50,000 people each year, including top nail artists from around the world, and also features a number of different competitions.   Ms. Kako Sasagawa, a second-year Total Beauty Department Nail Course student from Sapporo Belle époque College of Beauty, took third prize in the Junior Natural Sculpting Category, one of the numerous categories open … Continue reading

Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts Takes Top Prize at 7th Annual Coup Jikei Contest

The nine schools from the Jikei Group of Colleges Food Culture Education Subcommittee took part in the 7th Annual Coup Jikei Contest held at Tokyo Belle époque College of Confectionery and Culinary on November 12, 2016. Each school selected two students to represent their institution, with 18 students in total (including one international student from Indonesia) participating in the contest. Each pair of students applied the skills acquired at school and worked together as a team in an effort to secure the Coup Jikei Cup. The students faced the challenge of creating a pièce montée using Japanese decorative confectionery as … Continue reading

Fukuoka Hospitality & Bridal College Students Stage Bridal Show at 2016 Hawaiian Festival in Fukuoka

The 2016 Hawaiian Festival in Fukuoka was held over the three days from Friday, July 22 to Sunday, July 24 in Tenjin Central Park to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the sister relationship between the State of Hawai’i and Fukuoka Prefecture.   The three-day celebration featured Hawaiian booths and stalls and performances by hula dances and Hawaiian musical groups on the center stage, as well as a Hawaiian wedding-themed bridal show put on by second-year students from the Comprehensive Bridal Department.   When the school was putting together the plan for the show, Fukuoka Prefecture, the host for this year’s … Continue reading

Tokyo College of Biotechnology Delivers Two Special Summer Programs for High School Teachers and for Elementary School Students

Tokyo College of Biotechnology took advantage of the summer break to conduct skills training sessions and science experiments aimed at high school teachers as well as special science classes for elementary school students.   The college conducted a high technology training session for high school teachers at an agricultural high school in Nagano.   At the request of the Nagano Prefectural Comprehensive Education Center, this year instructors from the teaching department at Tokyo College of Biotechnology once again conducted a high technology training session for agricultural high school teachers in Nagano during the last week of July. This was the … Continue reading

Jikei Group Travel Policies for Students and Faculty Members in the Event of an Overseas Crisis

Jikei Group of Colleges Headquarters   All students and faculty members, whether traveling overseas on group-related business or travelling privately, should endeavor to obtain the latest information from news sources or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety website. They should also conduct thorough research of dangerous regions prior to traveling overseas and should refrain from traveling to regions for which a travel advisory has been issued. Students and faculty members should also be aware of the dangers of traveling to other regions as well.   Additionally, students and faculty members should always register with the Travel Registration Service … Continue reading

Sixty-Nine Participants Join the 12th Jikei Group International Affairs Meeting

The 12th Jikei Group of Colleges International Affairs Meeting was held from Friday, July 29 to Saturday, July 30 at the Cottage Biwako Club, the corporate retreat for the Jikei Group of Colleges. The international affairs-related departments of the Jikei Group of Colleges met together to share information and discuss international education, including safer high-quality study abroad programs. The meeting was attended by sixty-nine people, including the overseas center managers from China, Korea, the United States, Europe, and Australia as well as representatives from Jikei Group schools and corporations. The participants discussed International Education–which the Jikei Group has established as one … Continue reading

The entrance ceremony for the Jikei Group of Colleges ,which has managed Koyo Conservatory of Music since 2015, was held in Osaka, Japan

The entrance ceremony for COM Group Schools in the Jikei Group of Colleges was held at Osaka-Jo Hall in Osaka, Japan on April 20. The ceremony was attended by over 2,500 students from 11 schools as well as many special industry guests and featured performances and presentations by graduates. Among the schools represented was Koyo Conservatory of Music in Kobe, a longtime member of the Berklee International Network. In attendance were Roger H. Brown, President of Berklee College of Music and Jason Camelio, also of Berklee. Mr. Brown delivered a congratulatory address to the incoming students, encouraging them to be … Continue reading