Jikei Graduate Continues the Challenge in Boston

Which colleges come to mind when you think of famous music schools in the United States?   Probably Juilliard School in New York and Berklee College of Music in Boston. Several of our instructors at the Jikei Group are graduates of Berklee College of Music. Vice Principal Shin Ikesue, Director of the Gospel Ensemble, is a graduate, as is Mickie Yoshino.   Jikei Group Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune visited Berklee President Roger H. Brown toward the end of April as part of a seven member delegation. The purpose of the delegation’s visit was to establish an educational exchange relationship with Berklee … Continue reading

Osaka College of High Technology Graduation Research Project Symposium

Osaka College of High Technology held its Graduation Research Project Symposium for the 2014/2015 Academic Year at the Osaka Central Public Hall on Friday, January 30. Graduation research at the college began in 1987, the year it first began offering classes. Since then students at the school have conducted more than 2,700 research projects. Osaka College of High Technology has continued to focus on professional education as a part of specialized education and career education for twenty-eight years and in doing so has become one the roots of graduation research education at the Jikei Group of Colleges.   The Osaka … Continue reading

Osaka Communication Arts College Holds Student Project Exhibition

Osaka Communication Arts College held its twenty-sixth graduation and year-end project exhibition ‘We Are OCA’ at the Osaka Merchandise Market on Friday, February 6 and Saturday, February 7. The theme for this year’s exhibition was “A Great Banquet of Creators.”   The 2015 ‘We Are OCA’ exhibition featured student projects from many well-known companies in fields such as gaming, computer graphics, manga, anime, graphic design, illustration, and interior design. Corporate projects play a central role in OCA’s cooperative education with industry system and give students an opportunity to create marketable products under the careful guidance of industry’s leading companies. Some … Continue reading

Jikei Group and Kyushu University Create Manga on the Life of Muhammad Yunus in Joint Research Project

Professor Yunus’s Social Business, a manga depicting the life and work of Professor Muhammad Yunus, has been completed and is now available at Tsuchiya Book Store, a support company within the Jikei Group of Colleges. Professor Yunus has helped impoverished women in his home country of Bangladesh achieve financial and personal independence through small loans known as microcredit and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.   Professor Yunus’s Social Business has been produced through a collaborative effort between the Jikei Group of Colleges and the Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center at Kyushu University. The goal of … Continue reading

2015 ‘We Are TCA’ School Exhibition at Makuhari Messe

“We are TCA 2015,” the graduation and year-end project exhibition for Tokyo Communication Arts College students, was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture on Friday, February 6 and Saturday, February 7. Nearly 1,900 people came to see the student exhibits over the two days of the exhibition.   Since the very beginning Tokyo Communication Arts College has been training the professionals industry needs for the workplace through a unique curriculum created in collaboration with corporations and other organizations. The foundation for this collaborative curriculum is firmly based on cooperative education with industry focusing on corporate projects. These corporate projects … Continue reading

New Campus for Osaka College of Culinary Arts

The dedication ceremony for the new Osaka College of Culinary Arts campus was held in Osaka on August 28 and was attended by Chairperson Kunihiko Ukifune together along with honored guests and representatives from the school and from the companies involved in the construction. Osaka College of Culinary Arts will move to its new location in April of next year and will change from a general corporation to a school corporation pending accreditation. The morning began with rain, which soon abated with the start of the ceremony. By about halfway into the event, summer skies had returned, and the day … Continue reading

Summer Test Prep Classes for Jikei Grads

This spring the Jikei Group of Colleges launched the Restart program at the National Examination Preparation Center for Jikei graduates preparing to take national examinations. These summer session national examination preparation classes were opened for the first time at 5 locations across the country with the base of operations centered in Osaka.   The Jikei Group of Colleges believes that each and every student is important and strives to put that philosophy into practice. Accordingly, the Jikei Group has established the Restart Program as part of its efforts to provide systematic support to Jikei graduates getting ready to take national … Continue reading

National Exam Pass Rates Increase Dramatically

Dental Technician Students Achieve 100% Pass Rate for 23rd Straight Year. The National Examination Preparation Center for the Jikei Group of Colleges has finished compiling the national examination results for the 2013 academic year. The total number of students sitting national examinations exceeded 5000 students for the entire group, and the number of departments with a 100% pass rate increased by 10 departments at 4 schools to reach a total of 41 departments at 24 schools. Moreover, Toyo Medical College Dental Technician Department students obtained a 100% success rate for the 23rd straight year, an achievement unparalleled throughout Japan.   … Continue reading

2014 ISPO Global Educators Meeting in Kobe

The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) held the first annual Global Educators Meeting (GEM) from June 25 to 27 in the city of Kobe, with the Kobe College of Medical Welfare acting as the official receiving institution for the event. According to the ISPO, the goal of GEM was “to strengthen and deepen the P&O professions globally, through improved P&O education, with increased cooperation between P&O schools.” The primary venue for the 3-day event was the Nichii Gakkan Kobe Port Island Center, and the secondary venue was the Kobe College of Medical Welfare.   The conference sought to … Continue reading